Ultra-light super-portable VHF/UHF antenna for critical missions!

This a very simple design of a VHF/UHF antenna for super portable missions! It’s also very quick to construct this antenna, it took me around 30min or so to put all pieces in place.

The dipole elements are tunable, the classic adjustable rods used in old FM/AM radios.

The blue cables, are copper solid-type core cables. These are used to tight the antenna in rods, etc, wherever you like to have this antenna fixed.

The white square, is from PTFE material, ideal as an insulator and super easy to handle and drill holes into.

Make sure that you tight the coaxial cables ends firmly with the metallic tighters (or however these are called) to ensure good electrical and mechanical touch.

In this case I used a 1m RG58 cable terminated on a BNC female type connector.

The antenna worked well on VHF contacts when vertically polarized. Enjoy!


Rear view


Front view


Element tip, tunable.


Perspective view of front of dipole entry


The final antenna, fully assembled and erected for VHF operation!