Kenwood TS-590SG Reference Frequency Calibration (master oscillator tuning)

  Tuning of the local oscillator frequency on Kenwood TS-590SG. —————————————————————————————– According to the manual, the variable capacitor that needs to be adjusted is the TC501 (p.77 manual) and this is printed on the PCB, so it’s easy to locate it. Tip for variable capacitor: Clockwise: Decreases frequency. Anticlockwise: Increases frequency. Make VERY fine and slow adjustments, as the frequency is exceptionally sensitive to the capacitor rotation.

How to make an aluminium tube (used in antennas) tunable in fast and easy way

The photos below are self explanatory. They give you an idea of how to construct quickly and easily a tunable element to be installed n various types of antennas, such as dipoles, yagis, log-periodic, verticals, etc. On these photos, the 2 different tube diameters were considered: One with 12mm and the other with 14mm. Of course the choice depends on the application and priorities such as durability, etc. The tubes…

'Smart' VHF tripod antenna for mobile missions

HF tripod antenna

[DESIGN DIMENSIONS AND MORE PHOTOS TO BE ADDED SHORTLY. MY APOLOGIES FOR THE DELAY, BUT WE ALSO HAVE A FULL TIME JOB TO KEEP OURSELVES GOING…] This article demonstrates the construction of a VHF monopole over a tripod-like ground plane, based on the concept introduced on this post: “Special Tripod Antena…” As stated in previous post this antenna possesses several attractive characteristics:   Only 3 drill holes are required! (one…