Kenwood TS-590SG Master Oscillator Drift and Warm Up


A video for informative purposes, measuring the frequency drift of the master oscillator on Kenwood TS-590SG for 30 minutes after a ‘cold’ switch on. FLDigi was used to assess the audio frequency drift of the audible signal.

Not shown on the video, is that the master oscillator was eventually settled correctly on the proper frequency after about 45 minutes on the receive mode. Perhaps, if someone was transmitting with SSB or CW, etc the warm up process would significantly shorten the time for the master oscillator frequency to settle..

Note: After a few CW QSOs with 25W Tx power, the audio frequency was checked to be shifted up to 1012Hz, due to the higher temperatures established on the transceiver chassis.

[Target audio frequency: 1000Hz (transceiver tuned on the world clock freuquency at 10.000 MHz)]
Tone Frequency
Switch ON from ‘cold’: 970 Hz
5min later:  984 Hz
5min later:  987 Hz
5min later:  990 Hz
5min later:  991 Hz
5min later:  994 Hz
5min later (30th minute):  995 Hz
15min later (45th minute):  999 Hz